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peek a boo .. this site has moved

January 14, 2011

photo: ready made

this is a peek a boo day + this site has moved to . thank you for your patience as i made the change over of sites. for a bit of background, here is the reason for the change.

see you over at thank you so very much for being a fan.


photo gratitude: ready made



January 12, 2011

photo: shoot factory

photo: shoot factory

shoot factory


photo: skona hem

hallways.. passageways, whatever name you choose – always intriquing, wondering what is at the other end.  some bright, some dark, some telling stores with every step. and with each step, there is a learning that we need to embrace.

i am currently making some changes over here at ag. as you may know, i launched this blog + company late summer 2010, but with my background being marketing i felt the need to name this company something other than mine (like i did for clients), a choice that i am now regretting. as an artist, designer, fellow creative – the realization becomes bright as you become creating works of art  that  the work is truly yours, not a companies name. soon you will see anora grey change to me – christina loucks. initially i wanted to avoid using my name, stay behind scenes, but as i took a step each day doing my work, i realized more + more that it should be me. an artist, lifestyle + tablescape-lover, baker, floral designer. .. all over creative.

thank you for your patience with my transition into a new name, my name.  my goal is  to make it quick + easy..anything on this page will be rerouted to the new site, facebook will remain but with a new name,  but twitter handle will be changed.  my name is in the process of being graphically designed, so there will be a basic place-holder .

thanks again for being a fan of my work, you keep me going. would love to know all your thoughts if you have gone through any key learnings along your pathway. we all evolve + learn daily as we move through our path. i would love to hear your story.

photo gratitude: shoot factory, skona hem

sparkling into reality

December 31, 2010

what is it about sparkles that make us smile, feel festive, creative? is it the sparkle that lights something in our spirits, something that inspires us to follow our instincts to try something new. push our limits?

is it because they remind us of when we were a child dreaming and believing everything is possible wishing upon a shooting star? what was your dream as a little child? did you know what you loved as a child is what you are most passionate about. do you remember?

new years makes us all think of a fresh start. the opportunity to start new journeys. for me, i create new journeys, goals + be the best i can be daily. today, this moment is the time to be the you you would be if you had no possibility of failure. no need to wait until the new year.

do you have that sparkle under your toes. that thing in your stomach you know you really want to do – but something is stopping you. something. move forward. what do you have to lose? realize those dreams.

use your amazing sparkly energy within to live the life of doing what you love. one day at a time. use those sparkles as shooting stars. one wish, and it is up to you to make it happen.


happy wishes to your days of creating dreams into reality.

i for one need to begin focusing not only on what i want ahead of me, but what was accomplished to get there. i have had an amazing year. amazing days. amazing moments. here is to many more. continue to be the best you and love what you do.

images from here. herehere. here.  here. herehere.

neutral + sparkly holiday

December 20, 2010

There is nothing lovelier that a perfectly decorated table and it can truly be done with little effort and cost. I was recently asked to guest post over at Sacramento Street , but wanted to share the content of that post here, as well.

Simplicity says it best, and the repetition of shapes and color is what helps to create a consistent design. Choosing one or two style flowers, you can create impact in multiples. To add some more style, choose vases that speak towards your personal aesthetic. In this example, I chose more modern style vases, which repeats the roundness of the baubles and the color of the white amaryllis flowers.

One of my all-time favorite things to use for decorating, especially around the holidays are branches and natural elements. Here they are hung sideways on my wall just above a credenza. This is very easy to do with just a simple picture-hanging nail.

This gold and circular pattern taken from the baubles was repeated wrapping the inside of a clear vase with a vintage-find gold garland, and weaving it casually through the candles and vases.

My tree is adorned with reflective elements, sparkle and simple round baubles from matte pearl to glittery gold in color. The design remains simple with the consistent repiition of the shapes and tones.

The clear vases were paired on this scape again repeating the round shapes and the sparkle of the baubles. To create height and dimension, clear glass candleholders were placed as yet another great reflective element, that I find so important in a design. To match that height, the soft natural color feathers soften all the linear lines of the candles and add a bit of interest and movement into table scape.

I have a huge affinity for neutral palettes, and love to use them in my Holiday decor as well and you can also see more of my work with branches and holiday styling I recently did for an event here.

to find some of the items in the post:

*candle holders – CB2

* white vases – west elm

* gold baubles – Target

* gold garland – vintage find

* feathers – save on crafts

images + designs: moi


December 17, 2010

This past weekend, I had the honor of styling an event for the absolutely sensational girls of Rue Magazine for the Lavish! Unconference. Upon finding out a few weeks ago, it was a scramble, but once the theme was developed, it felt like I was decorating my own home for this bash with the aesthetic falling completely into my sensibility. Branches, gold, white, sparkle..simple modern elegance with organic touches, a natural + modern woodland. And it certainly helped that Room and Board is one of my all-time fav’s provided the lovely, streamlined furniture. And HGTV as a sponsor. It was a huge Whoa and I enjoyed every single minute.

See some how-to coverage over at Casa Sugar, and more to come soon in the issue 3 of Rue Magazine. Cannot wait the rest of the images yet to be shared! BUT to hold you over, hop over to Rue Magazines facebook page for some more party pics.

photos by Becky Hill Photography

modern seasonal mantle

December 3, 2010

I was recently asked to style an extremely minimal mantlescape and provide my winter flower selections. I wanted to ensure that the modern mantlescape had a warm hue for the holidays, and avoid the cold look that modern can tend to have.  I was also challenged to do it in a way and at a cost that the modern reader could replicate. By combining warm wood tones of the mantle and the pinecones, the crisp  juxtaposition of the white brick wall and the sleek West Elm vases seemed to balance the shot nicely.  The addition of reflection of the mirror and circle ornaments all paired to give a nice sparkle and life to the image. I hope you agree.

The same concept was in mind for the selections for the flowers. Minimal  and  modern. How can flowers work in a modern environment. How could they not, was my thought. It is all in your selections and pairings. By selecting all one color of something, you create more of a simple impact that is pleasing to the modern eye and sensibility.

To see the actual images and content used in the magazine. click here + here. And another scape of mine here which landed as finalist over at Dwell Studios

As always, would love your thoughts.

modern + organic tablescape

December 2, 2010

I was recently selected as a finalist over at the dwell studios competition for our take on a modern tablescape and was so overjoyed! While I did not place out of the final five this time, I was so honored to be a finalist. I wanted to share the tablescape entry with you . To see more photos visit our album here.

This table was put together with my very favorite things that have been collected and already in my home which represents my balance of a warm organic, vintage and modern sensibility.

Thank you to all those who voted, I greatly appreciate your support!

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