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winter whites

November 22, 2010

Winter whites for a holiday table just elicits such a feel of timelessness, simplicity + elegance. Pairing them with a seasonal find such as pinecones shown here immediately bring the feel of the season to your table.   For additional more colorful ideas for simple holiday tablescapes, click here or to have some fun with your glass vases, here.

Happy Thanksgiving. Cannot wait to hear your favorite flower for your holiday table.

designs + photos: moi


simple holiday flowers

November 13, 2010

These are the blooms we chose to work with for our vintage modern holiday displays. Mini Calla Lilies, Anemones, Dahlias, Leucadendron + Peonies

An assorted variety of vases including a few from West Elm (white + silver vases_ + our hand-wrapped vases using decorative craft paper.

Adore these West Elm vases. Perfect for simple + doable table flowers for a modern, elegant look.

Here I have combined a vintage heirloom vase with more modern + textural blooms to create a vintage modern appeal. To the right, the same vintage vase is paired with one our hand-wrapped glass cylinder vases to add interest. For info on how to wrap your own vase, click here.

Love the way the chocolate – colored Dahlia + pinecones pops against these silver + white West Elm vases

I was recently asked, if you enjoy modern + organic decor for the holidays, how do you use flowers + avoid the general red + green. For the holiday, just like any time of the year, I throughly enjoy monochromatic +  textural arrangements for my home.  This  modern simplicity can be revealed through your bloom selection, just as much as your vase selection.  It is a lot of fun to combine various vases into one table arrangement, each containing a few blooms or to even choose decorative paper to change your plain glass vase up a bit. This is just so impactful, and allows you to combine different patinas, and textures to create interest, and it takes far fewer flowers, and easy for one to accomplish. I adore how these came out. For my table, it will the white peonies, dark dahlias, branches galore +  pinecones. What will your table adorn this season?

images + designs – moi

white + low silver vase + clear vase – West Elm

One vase, many different looks

November 6, 2010

I simply adore taking a simple glass vase + giving it many different personalities. Here I take decorative craft paper found at an art supply store, + wrap a plain glass vase to give it a whole new feel. We have also used wood veneer as a great textural style, as well.

Measure twice, cut once. Simply lie the vase on the back of the craft paper + with a pencil + a straight edge measure trace the width.  Ensure you allow for enough length to have an overlap of about an inch for the glue.

Here is the paper after the cuts.

Here you can see the wrap is very simple. Attach the starting point of the wrap with line of hot glue .  Dots can sometimes cause a bump in the paper.  From there, continue with a taunt wrap to the meet the starting point. Add another line of hot glue + attach.  What is wonderful about hot glue + glass is that when you are finished, it peels right off the vase, so you can use the vase over + over again.  A tip with larger width vases: you may need to add another line of hot glue half way through the wrap to keep the paper in place.

Examples of the finished wrapped vase.

This is one way to create many different looks + styles from one vase that can carry on to many different textures for any season or design preference.  I am just adoring this white craft paper popped against the dark dahlias for my Thanksgiving table, you?

The next post will be on how to pair many different vases in your centerpieces to make an easy – to-do design style with only a few flowers for the holiday.

images + design work: moi.

green flowers for any season.

November 1, 2010

The simple addition of this ribbon adds a beautiful bronze, fall feel.

LOVING the simplicity of this arrangement for a wedding. Simple, modern and timeless.


Green to put simply, is just that…Green; seen as clean, fresh, cleansing…it is something that generally we think of for spring, but when paired with the right colors and fun, textured ribbons, it is an amazing year-round, timeless color. Wouldn’t you agree?

photo gratitude: martha stewart wedding,


pure simplicity

October 28, 2010

Today I am working to cleanse my mind and creative energies. The purity of this image does just the thing. White vintage bottles, positioned against a warm wood texture balances the bold celadon green of the smiling mums. Pure vintage modern simplicity.

photo gratitude: pommes-frites

a breath of fresh air.

October 20, 2010


I just adore natural, clean elements; earth tones. Nature provides us with so many beautiful elements just waiting to be positioned with the perfect rooms. Rocks, freshly cut flowers, soft – grey, white.. These images just feel so relaxing + dewy fresh. Daisies represent such simplicity + natural beauty, my mothers most favorite flower. So perfectly timeless, just like her.

photo gratitude: kitka design, greige, twig hutchinson honey + ham.


October 17, 2010
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With October being breast cancer awareness month, we are thinking pink + adore a monochromatic, same stem display.  Simple , modern, classic, powerful + this shade of pink is just so classic + feminine.

photo gratitude: decor 8 blog

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